Monday, 17 October 2011

I said there were a million ways to take a photo of this ship, perhaps i underestimated.

Monday, 10 October 2011

 These are some of my first experiences on the One And All Sailing Ship (I believe I was 14)
We managed to catch a tuna...a small one.

It's yours truly cleaning the Bathroom.

Studying. ahh the joy of learning, good news is i'm teaching lol now the trainees have to suffer learning while their superiors look down and laugh

 The chef is busy working in the kitchen.
Everything the chef Takes out of his kitchen makes your mouth water, it better cause if you don't like it just remember...He's cooking your food for 5 days and the only time your allowed to cough it back up is through seasickness!
Although he's not me, This crazy guy is still called Dan.
Beachday on Kangaroo Island

You know your in trouble when I'm steering.
A compass is a good way to keep on course
Did i mention that you have to love the chef?

There are a million ways to take a photo of this ship.

This is what happens when the crew fight.

Sailing is tiring....

....But beautiful.